Altrion Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Policy will not deal with companies or individuals who engage in unsolicited email advertising.

Organisations considering this who have an in any way professional approach to business may want to bear in mind that I do volunteer work for the Net's biggest single-sport website, as well as full time system administration work for a small but influential international software development company, and I will have no qualms in making sure recommendations not to use your services get broadcast far and wide.

Those of you who are moneygrabbing or clueless idiots with no grasp of basic net ettiquette or busines sense may as well resign yourselves to the fact that complaints will be made to your postmaster and/or downstream service provider, and you'll need to find a new account at the least.

Hall Of Shame

The following sites have attempted to engage my enthusiasm for their products with fake sincerity, blatant lies and other obnoxious marketing tactics. I guess, like many other web pages containing email addresses, this one may get trawled by spammers for their lists. Too bad. Avoid these sites like the plague.

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