What's New...

3rd Feb 2003

Added Contabile-Fortean page - only a year late :-) Updated the gear page.

23rd Apr 2001

A new MP3 from GAFilk!

26th Feb 2001

Order your copy of "Into the Fire" online.

12th Feb 2001

Due to circumstances beyond our (and their) control, the launch date for online purchasing of Into The Fire has been moved back.

9th Feb 2001

Added Steve Macdonald's review to the GAFilk page, and a page with subscription details for the Phoenix Chat list.

8th Feb 2001

Added Conthirteena review and updated the Buy and Gear pages.

24th Jan 2001

Tweaked the GAFilk page a touch to include links to the photo collectiosn from the con.

23rd Jan 2001

Added GAFilk review.

16th Nov 2000

Added Conthirteena to forthcoming gigs.

3rd Aug 2000

Added a second live MP3 of "Lament For Gwydion" from Digeri-douze, and also the GAFilk link.

31st Jul 2000

Added a live MP3 of "Bang Today" from Digeri-douze.

27th March 2000

Trivial fix on the gear page.

21st March 2000

Remembered another song from Treble! Also added two MP3's to the Into The Fire page.

20th March 2000

Added the Pegasus awards button on the home page. We don't mecessarily want you to nominate us (thought we wouldn't complain!) but please, DO stop and think, and nominate stuff you feel deserves an award. Your opinion matters.

19th March 2000

Added set lists for Contabile (as best we can), Con2bile (we think this one is accurate) and Treble (hazy memories again). Mail us if you can do better! Also added photos of Phil and Mike's main guitars to the gear page.

8th March 2000

Added a sketchy chronology of the rest of the recording and production of 'Into the Fire'.

7th March 2000

AddedAnnie's harp to the gear page, and a bunch of instruments to her own page. Added vocals to Lissa's list of things played (rather than dabbled with). Removed the time warp on the front page - if you didn't spot it, we're not telling! Fixed a typo in Digeri-douze to please the concom. Added (later) a page for 'Into The Fire'.

6th March 2000

New look for the pages. Place holder 'Buy' page added. Con reports for Digeri-douze, Reconvene and FilCONtinental III added, as well as an update to the gear page since various people have been spending money.


Pages mysteriously reverted to the 17th November updates. Blame Mike forgetting which copy was the definitive version, like as not.

4th February 1999

Added Into The Fire banner. Working on new look for the pages, not publicly visible yet.

17th November 1998

Moved the Links2Go graphic to nestle with the Filkers' Bardic Ring stuff. Also moved the NetMind stuff to the top of this page, and put a news and gossip link nearer the top of the home page.

10th November 1998

We seem to have won an award!

7th November 1998

Added (finally!) a report on FilkCONtinental (sorry this took so long, but Mike's had a cold).

23rd September 1998

Fixed a missing link to the Wrap Party set on the sets page. Thanks to Rick Hewett for spotting that one!

More updates on the progress of "Into The Fire", and a list of the equipment we used to record it.

1st September 1998

Added the Wrap Party set list, and tweaked Anne's page a bit.

14th August 1998

RealAudio versions of the audio files!!!!

4th August 1998

The Queen Mum's birthday - added a guestbook link to the audio files page so you can tell us what you think.

3rd August 1998

Audio files of rough mixes from the CD-in-progress, and Jared's very own t-shirt!

21st June 1998

Photos from our third recording session.

12th June 1998

Rearranged home page to remove the past sets and history stuff to separate pages.

31st May 1998

Cleaned up the pages for the recording sessions, and added the aardvark jokes page.

26th May 1998

Pictures from the past weekend's recording session.More to follow next weekend! Also some photos (thanks, Rafe) on the Fourplay and Mabinogicon pages, and some more of Mike's guitars!

16th February 1998

Missed yet another of Lissa's cymbals off the equipment page. Will she ever have enough?

Added link to the FilkCONtinental home page.

And for some reason I've been thinking it's the 17th today...

11th February 1998

Added a page for Decadence, the 10th British Filk Con. Also added FilkCONtinental 2 in Germany to our list of forthcoming gigs, and a page with details of our t-shirts.

4th February 1998

Couple of additions to the equipment page to include the money we spent over Christmas.

13th January 1998

Changed the news and gossip page and this one to add a form to allow you to receive email every time it changes, via NetMind's URL-minder service.

22nd December 1997

Well, whaddya know. Internet Explorer 4.0 doesn't appear to understand <P ALIGN=CENTER> in the changes I made yesterday. Cleaned up the links to the Filker's Bardic Ring while I was at it.

21st December 1997

Forthcoming gigs added to the main page. And, by popular request (ahem), a news and chatter page.

11th September 1997

The rest of the comments and bios on everyone's pages (linked from the main index).

2nd August 1997

Fourplay set list (thanks Anne), and a couple of corrections to the Pentatonic one.

22nd July 1997

A guestbook, thanks to Lpage.

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