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Phil was not well for this one: he'd just come back from a skiing trip, where he'd been laid low with meningitis. We did however, add Lissa, and Mike and Anne's Mac providing drums. Not only that, but Mike finished the last verse of "Someone Else's Dreams" on the morning of the con about an hour before the set! It's kind of hard, since no tapes or set lists survive, to remember exactly what we did, but this is the best we can come up with. If anyone spots anything missing (and we're pretty sure there IS), mail us!

Set List (in no particular order)

  • One
  • Ghostbuster
  • Wild Thing
  • Wipeout
  • Someone Else's Dreams
  • War
  • Return to Zero
  • Black Powder and Alcohol
  • Blue Suede Feet

Debut peformances of everything but Blue Suede Feet and Wipeout.

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