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After a year's break at VIbraphone (Mike and Anne were moving house), we got back together for TranSept in Cambridge. The main problem was the hotel's slight oversight in first double booking the con with a wedding, and then omitting to tell the con committee when the speches were, and that they'd booked a disco. Result?

Phoenix 1, Wedding Speeches 0
Joey Shoji 0, Wedding Disco 1

A little pre-planning might have saved pain on both sides.

That aside, the year's lay off didn't seem to have done us any harm, and we played a set which was (as is everything) Largely Phil's Fault (him being UK guest), even including Child Of Light, last performed at Con2bile, and a trilogy of Chris de Burgh parodies. A fun set, and a fitting goodbye to GK and Adam, whose last gig with us this turned out to be.

Set List

  • Orc of Life (Ridding thereof)
  • Inconvenience (Time In Loo)
  • Edge Of The Night
  • Out Of A Murky Grey Sky
  • Fannish Train
  • A Spaceman Came Burbling
  • Noise Pollution/Light the Tower/Poverty
  • Child Of Light
  • Mutant Heaven
  • Ring
  • Black Powder And Alcohol

Debut performances of Orc of Life, Inconvenience, Murky Grey Sky, Spaceman, Noise Pollution, Mutant Heaven.

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