Tim Walker

Instruments played:

..and whatever else I can lay my hands on. The wierder, the better. I consider myself a jack of many trades but master of very few. I can happily while away hours and hours twiddling on the guitar and completely losing track of life in general. The drums I tend to leave until everyone else around me wants to lose track of life and their eardrums (What do you mean - I'M TOO LOUD?). My forte (no pun intended - my name isn't Allcock) is on the instrumental side rather than lyric writing, but Annie reckons thats what I have a wife for..

Annie and I are the latest Phoenix additions (Oct '95) and are SO glad we got hooked up with such a great group of people and musicians.

Finally, may I have another peeled potato Mrs. Fitzherbert? ...(just ask me sometime)

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