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Recording Sessions

1st - 2nd August 1998

No pictures this time - because no-one really had time. Instead, we have some rough mixes of sections of the music as audio files. Please bear in mind that these are rough mixes and not representative of the final sound or mix quality of the CD - however, we rather hope they capture some of the feel and energy of the final result.

Currently, the only formats available are 11KHz 8-bit WAV (the files are around 1.3Mb apiece. Don't expect much top end (since 11KHz means no frequency response past 5.5KHz)), and RealAudio encoded (by Mark Hassman - thanks Mark) for people with 28.8 modems. When the new release of MPecker for the Mac comes out, I'll do MPEG-3 encodings from the CD rate (44.1KHz, 16-bit) files, but for now, this is all you get! Tell us what you think!


Into the Fire (11KHz WAV,.RealAudio): the massed vocals in the final chorus of this are fast becoming a Phoenix trademark. Inspiration? Babylon 5's John Sheridan: "Get the hell out of our galaxy!"

Fallible Legend (11KHz WAV, RealAudio) : a song inspired by the 'Druss the Legend' books by David Gemmell. With thanks to Neil Chambers for the loan of his Roland D5 for the strings.

Edge Of The Night: (11KHz WAV, RealAudio): inspired by Gael Baudino's amazing 'Gossamer Axe'. The only question is, how is Mike ever going to play the solo live?

All recordings © Phoenix 1998

Into the Fire © Philip Allcock 1997
Fallible Legend © Tim and Anne Walker 1995
Edge Of The Night © Mike Whitaker, Philip Allcock, Lisa Smith, Martin Gordon-Kerr, Chris Malme 1991

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