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Recording Sessions

20-21st June 1998

Annie lets rip on another vocal track. The neat cable hooks above and behind her are actually kitchen roll holders nailed to the beam.

"You want me to *what*?..."

Fortunately, we don't tape what gets said over the talkback mike. It's a very good job, sometimes.

The obligatory 'handclaps round the microphone' bit.

We were actually quite impressed to discover that a) we owned five pairs of headphones between us and b) enough splitters to plug them all in!

Annie proving that anything Jared can do (see last session), she can do. MUCH louder.

It wasn't all work this weekend. Annie and new harp, in pastoral setting.

Fortunately, we didn't record this, either, since a goodly portion of it was retuning the thing. Yet again.

Yes. It's a picnic. Blanket on the grass, strawberries, cold chicken, salad, lemonade. A real, classical, English, picnic.

Now you don't see those every day.

pictures by various members of Phoenix on CricInfo's nice digital camera!

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