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Recording Sessions

We've been working hard on laying down tracks for our new CD, which will provisionally be called "Into The Fire". This page will track our progress to date: click here for a list of the gear we've used.

23-25 May 1998

First session - drums/bass/rhythm guitar backing tracks for well over half the CD. Click here for photos from this session.

30-31 May 1998

The rest of the rhythm tracks, and (horrors) the birth of the aardvark jokes. More photos here.

20-21 June 1998

Lots of vocals, a few percussion tracks. No more aardvark jokes, thank heavens, but a few more photos.


Several of Anne's keyboards parts on odd free evenings

1-2 August 1998

Guitar, rest of the vocals, trumpet, keyboards, flute. We're down to about half a dozen things left to record now. No photos, but.... some audio files!!!!


Remainder of Anne's keyboards and Mike's guitar parts.

19-20 September

First mixdown session: 6 tracks (Absent Friends, Song of The Fremen, Black Powder, Turn Back The Tide, Hunter and Judgement Day) down to CD-R for everyone to go away and listen to.

25-27 September

Mixdown session

early October

Mixdown session

20-21 November

Mixdown session, from which we sent Dan Bennett a CD-R for comment.


Mixdown session to incorporate Dan's comments.

Xmas-New Year

Mike and Anne burned a couple of final candidate mixes onto CD-R (we started putting version numbers on the CD-R's to keep track!), and everyone got One Last Chance to comment on it. We made a couple of final tweaks. Tim and Annie came up for a weekend, and Mike and Tim did the cover art, and off everything went to the duplicators...

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