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Recording Equipment

  • Motorola StarMax 4160 - 96 MB memory, 2.5 GB IDE hard drive, second graphics card
  • d2 external 4GB AV hard drive
  • Dynatek CD-R writer
  • Adaptec Jam CD mastering software
  • Steinberg Cubase VST 4.0 hard disk recording software
    • Spectral Design Loudness Maximiser mastering plug-in
    • Waves Audiotrack compressor/eq plug in
    • Antares Auto-tune plug in (use-limited demo)
  • Sonorus STUDI/O ADAT soundcard (up to 16 inputs (2 ADAT fibre optic), 18 outputs)
  • Korg 880 A/D - 8 channels of analogue to ADAT fibre optic
  • Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX 20-4-2 mixer
  • Behringer Composer dual compressor/gate
  • AKG 2000 condenser mike
  • DBX vocal channel (compressor/expander/de-esser) all our onstage gear, and a couple of guitars we don't use on stage, and Neil Chamber's Roland D-5 and GK and Andy's Yamaha piano...

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