Phil Allcock

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Many people in British filk will telll you everything is Phil's fault. Possibly even most people. (And a certain few in Canada for good measure). But this simply isn't true. It's all Mike's fault. If he hadn't written the songs, I wouldn't have filked them: we wouldn't have started playing together and become good friends: we wouldn't have put together a 'rock filk' set: and thus wouldn't eventually have created Phoenix.

Why did I buy my first electric guitar? Because Mike said "You ought to get an electric guitar if we're going to do rock filk properly." And how long was it from this statement till we were in a music shop in Peterborough? Anout 20 minutes, I'd say. And how much longer until I'd bought one? (A guitar, not a music shop, that is.) Maybe another hour - testing out guitars takes time after all. And whose Telecaster was my guitar exactly the same as? Guess...

And who caused me to subsequently buy a 'flashier' rock guitar? (And then bought one himself.) And a bigger amplifier? (And then bought one himself.) And a metallizer pedal? (And then went out and bought an entire new pedal board.) You guessed it...

And who said "We need a drummer for this band - can Lissa learn drums?" and thus turned my wife into a drummer? I can't remember actually, but it was probably Mike and that's good enough for me!

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