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The reason behind 'Dancing Flames', with Gael Baudino in the audience, too. Definitely the 'Dancing Flames' tour, this one - everything off the album but 'Only The Innocent'. The last set performed with any sequenced backing, this had Mike's old Mac Plus (as at Treble) providing drums and most of the keyboards, except on 'Edge Of The Night '(Phil on drums), 'Halfway There' and 'Someone Else's Dreams' (Lissa on drums). And the first set as Phoenix. We also had a liberal sprinkling of guests - Minstrel (Chris Malme) on 12-string on 'Edge Of The Night', GK on bass on the same track, and Talis Kimberly on 'Ceinwen's Bow's only performance (we haven't dared try it with a real drummer yet - bits of that song are dangerous!).

A great set, closing with the very silly 'Silver Warped Blue Suede Time Machine' medley (which also snuck in a bit of Status Quo's 'Caroline' when no-one was looking), marred only by a slight accident with the powerlead to the Mac, which got kicked out by a Nameless Guest Bassist just as the final song started. We never really appreciated how old, slow and clunky that machine was till then, waiting for it to reboot.

Set List

  • Midnight At The Well
  • War
  • Someone Else's Dreams
  • Just One Chance
  • Halfway There
  • Cruiser Dreaming
  • Don't Break The Rules
  • Edge Of The Night
  • Midnight At The Tower
  • Ceinwen's Bow
  • Black Powder And Alcohol
  • Silver Warped Blue Suede Time Machine (With Feet)
    • Blue Suede Feet
    • Silver Machine
    • Time Warp
    • Blue Suede Feet (repise)

Debut performances of Midnight At The Tower, Don't Break The Rules, Edge Of The Night, Ceinwen's Bow, the Warped medley, and possibly others (has anyone got a tape or a copy of the Treble set list?)

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