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Lissa Allcock

LissaInstruments played:

  • Drums
  • Vocals (we can't say 'dabbled with' any more after 'Robot Man')

Instruments.. um.. dabbled with...

  • Keyboards
  • Bass

My being in the band is a lot more accident than design. I'm the only one who joined the band with absolutely no musical skill at all. When I met Phil, drums for Phoenix were electronically sequenced. Mike said they needed a drummer, so that's why I started with the drums. It was and remains fun, and requires only a certain adility to feel the rhythm of a song rather than musical knowledge per se, which since I don't have any is just as well!

Once it was impossible. Then it was very hard. Now it's fun!

What the rest of Phoenix thinks:

  • Mike: Lissa's kinda.. I SAID LISSA'S KIN... LISSAAA!!??? <ahem>. Thank you. She's kinda loud. And purple.
  • Annie: She makes rock drumming look EASY !! And it ain't. Occasionally she sings at the same time. She says its easy. I call it talent. Mondo. GREEN.
  • Tim: Ahem..some of those cymbals look kind of familiar? but then I also appreciate that you can NEVER have enough.(like mushrooms, but noisier). No ...PURPLE.
  • Anne: She makes wonderful chocolate fudge brownies and loves Oreos. Also has the same appreciation of cats as me. Has four limbs that work in coordination, which is two more than me. GREEN!!
  • Phil: What can I say about Lissa - that won't cause me grevious bodily harm? Chocolate fiend, cat fiend, purple fiend and likes hitting things! Which is why I think I better stop here...

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