Into The Fire

We released Into The Fire at XIlophone, the 11th British Filk Con. We didn't do a set at the con, but we did sell a goodly number of CDs! The track listing is as follows (titles with links have MP3 files available - warning, they're about 3MB each):

Judgement Day / Rhythm Of Life / Fallible Legend / Turn Back The Tide / Dragonflight / Flamestrike / Absent Friends / Into The Fire / Song Of The Fremen / Hunter / Superman Sex Life Boogie / Tin Soldier / Edge of The Night / Black Powder and Alcohol.

An account of the recording of the album is available here, and pretty soon you'll be able to buy it online.

The Cover Art

The artwork for the cover is a composite of three images, assembled in Adobe Photoshop.

The background (the galaxy and starscape) is a Hubble space telescope shot. The Earth os from a Space Shuttle image, with the background removed using Microfrontier Color It!. The guitar is, of course, Mike's own Icewing, photgraphed using his Kodak DC210 camera on a red sheet (handily already on Mike and Anne's bed), and with the background again matted out in Color It!.

The lens flare effect is a stock Photoshop filter, as is the fake exhaust. The text was addedd later for the actual cover art in Quark Xpress.

For the webpage, Mike rescued the CD we sent to the printers, pulled the image back into Photoshop, added the text (which really keen Phoenix fans will notice is neither quite the same colour or size) and resized it to Web-friendly resolution.


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