Way back when, at Contabile, the first UK Filk Convention, Mike and Phil and Anne decided to do a rock set. This was, on the whole, kind of fun. So we did it again the following year, aided and abetted by a couple of friends and an Alesis sequencer to provide drums. The year after, the Alesis was replaced by an Apple Mac, and we did both the third Filk Con (Treble) and Mabinogicon, the latter with Lissa (then Blackburn) on drums for a couple of tracks, in the wake of our first, and so far only tape, Dancing Flames. For the discreetly named fourth Filk Con, Fourplay, we added Lissa on drums for everything, Martin Gordon-Kerr ('GK') on bass, and Adam Heath on keyboards, and carried on that way till TranSept. For Obilter8, GK and Adam left (though Martin still does sound for us) and Annie and Tim joined.

Something of this history is captured on our family tree page.

Rock/filk is a lot of hard work. In lugging kit around, in rehearsals, in setting kit up and in performance. But it's a lot of fun to do, and gives you one hell of a high when the set is over.

Call us loud (we won't hear you!). Call us mad, even. Just don't trip over the main stage power cable...

And a little note, born of courtesy. Please don't confuse us with Phoenyx, Heather Alexander's one-time folk-rock band. The similarity of name is an example of separate evolution and inspiration in action, and we neither had nor have any intent of trading on the name of what was (trust me, I have their album) a damn fine band.

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