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FilkCONtinental III

As good as last year! If anything, musically we were better, and we did have a special guest - Leslie Fish, who took the lead vocal on a fun version of Black Powder.

Set List

  • Judgement Day
  • Tin Soldier
  • Don't Break The Rules
  • Eine Kleine Sumpfmusik
  • Black Powder And Alcohol
  • The Lady
  • Return Of The King (uhuh)
  • Turn Back The Tide
  • Rhythm Of Life
  • Midnight At The Tower
  • Lament For Gwydion
  • Robot Man
  • Bang Today
Debut performances of Robot Man (with Lissa on lead vocals!), Return Of The King (featuring Tim 'The Pelvis' Walker). and (technically) Eine Kleine Sumpfmusik (go find a German dictionary!)
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