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Onstage Equipment List

  • Keyboards rig (Anne, Phil, Lissa)
    • Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser
    • Korg X-5D synthesier
    • Roland XP-80 synthesiser
    • Peavey KBA-100 keyboards amp
    • Sharma C100 keyboards amp
    • Mackie 1202 mixer
    • Behringer MX802a mixer
  • Bass rig (Tim, Anne, Phil)
    • Maison electric bass (metallic burgundy but everyone calls it pink)
    • Laney 150W bass head and cab (thanks, GK!)
  • Guitar rig 1 (Mike - note, he doesn't play all these every set!)
    • R.J.Bartram custom electric ("Christa")
    • Squier HM3 white electric guitar ("Icewing")
    • Academy Ovation cutaway copy acoustic guitar (turquiose but everyone calls it 'yuck': "Cassandra")
    • Tokai flame sunburst Les Paul Custom ('Lady')
    • Fender Squier blonde Telecaster ('Lyssa' - mail Mike if you think you know why she's called Lyssa -no prize, just a smugness point if you're right)
    • Arbiter Gibson 6/12 doubleneck copy electric guitar (natural: "The Bitch")
    • The Rack Of Doom
      • Marshall JMP-1 MIDI valve preamp
      • Marshall JFX-1 MIDI delay/reverb effects unit
      • Marshall 8008 Valvestate stereo power amp
      • Roland GP-100 multieffects
      • Korg DTR-1 rack tuner
      • AKG rackmount wireless
      • Samson PowerBrite racklight/power conditioner
      • 2 x Marshall 1912 1x12" speaker cabs
    • Zoom GFX-707 multieffects (replacing the rack at GAFilk)
  • Guitar rig 2 (Phil)
    • Peavey Destiny electric guitar ("Angel")
    • Tokai distortion pedal
    • Peavy Studio Pro 65W amp
    • Zoom GFX-707 multieffects
  • Drums
    • Diamond drum kit with Paiste, Pearl and Zildjan cymbals, Premier snare and a bell tree (Lissa, Phil, Tim)
    • Tomtom/Rototom rack (Tim, Annie)
  • Antoria electric mandolin (Annie)
  • Yamaha flute with Barcus Berry pickup (Anne)
  • Gemeinhardt flute (Annie)
  • Claude Cordon Selmer Trumpet (Tim)
  • Jupiter sax (Anne, Tim)
  • 30 string Border Harps Clarsach (Annie)
  • Tambourines (Anne, Annie)

Both Phil and Mike are wierd, and name their instruments. Mike has too many guitars, and Lissa never has enough cymbals (even with half of Tim's).

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