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GK and Adam's first gig with Phoenix, and Lissa's first set as a Real Drummer(TM), except on a MIDI drum kit, beset with a number of problems with false triggering. We did Crimnson and Crystal as a nod to the guest of honour (Cindy McQuillin), and Chris Malme helped out on his own Song of The Fremen and DragonFlight.

A so-so set: I think we'd all admit we were upstaged by Razing Arizona.

Set List

  • Midnight At The Tower
  • Crimson And Crystal
  • Song Of The Fremen
  • Halfway There
  • Edge Of The Night
  • DragonFlight
  • Don't Break The Rules
  • Lament For Gwydion
  • Black Powder And Alcohol
  • Silver Warped Blue Suede Time Machine (With Feet)
    • Blue Suede Feet
    • Silver Machine
    • Time Warp
    • Blue Suede Feet (reprise)

Debut peformances of Fremen and DragonFlight.

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