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Wow. And double wow. There must have been 80-90 people in the audience at 11pm, they were all 'mad for it', to quote a certain well-known UK band, and we didn't disappoint. Rather than blow our own trumpets (since only Tim's any good at it), here is a link to other people's con reviews, with thanks to Urban Tapestry.

Set list

  • Don't Break The Rules
  • Traveller
  • Orc Of Life
  • Lament For Gwydion
  • Broadsword
  • Return Of The King (uhuh)
  • The Lady
  • Robot Man
  • Midnight At The Tower
  • Crimson And Crystal
  • Thank You Kindly
  • Bang Today
  • Mr Spaceman
Debut performance's of Chris de Burgh's Traveller, Tull's Broadsword (with help from Chiefy), and Phil's awesome ABBA parody (and deserved filk award winner), Thank You Kindly. And a resurrection for Crimson and Crystal with Annie on rock harp!

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