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Playing on the Friday night at a filk con for the first time, this set was slightly marred by Mike's lack of voice and by the room's noise limiter, which was a little inhibiting and unsettling. All in all, though, a fun set, opening (for positively the last time, honest) with Black Powder and Alcohol, and including a guest appearance by Bill Sutton on his own Midnight At The Well. Edge Of The Night made a reappeaeance,although, for all it is a Phoenix standard, the only person playing the same instrument as last time it was performed live was Mike. Bang Today and Superman's Sex Life Boogie seem to be turning into firm audience favorites.

Set List

  • Black Powder and Alcohol
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Midnight At The Well
  • Song Of The Fremen
  • War
  • The Lady
  • Into The Fire
  • Bang Today
  • The First Ones
  • Black Davie's Ride
  • Edge Of The Night
  • Ring
  • Superman's Sex Life Boogie
  • Mr. Spaceman

Debut peformances of Rhythm of Life, The Lady, Into the Fire, The First Ones, Black Davie's Ride

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