Back in England, and back at the Albany hotel for Conthirteena. It's a nice hotel, with one teensy exception. That darn noise limiter!

We coped: Lissa had to tape her snare head to stop it ringing, and lay off the floor tom entirely, while playing with practise sticks. We were the quietest we've ever been, and even then the limiter was flashing warnings at us: it was so senstitive to high frequencies the audience were setting it off when they whooped and cheered. So we asked them to boo instead, which must have really baffled late arrivals!

Despite playing with one eye on the meters, it WAS a pretty good set. Basically a cut down version of the GAFilk set, we added guest of honour Scott Snyder for his Ringbearer, and added Ring just cause it's funfunfun! Lok out for a live MP3 of Music for Nothing when Keris gets us the masters.

Set list

Debut performance of Ringbearer

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