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Well, wow. What can we say. For now, you'll have to make do with just words, because the pictures are still in the camera. Look out for the Blankenheim photostory page when we get a hold of them.

We left Gravesend around noon, having achieved what looked several times to be impossible. Eleven guitars, four harps, three keyboards, six monitor wedges, two PA speakers, an amp rack, four instrument amplifiers, a mixing desk, and seven people's luggage, into the back third of a fifteen seater minibus. Fortunately, both Anne and Phil are used to driving on wingmirrors!

Getting across the channel was no trouble: they said 'do you want the earlier ferry, it goes in ten minutes'. Tricky one. France was flat. Belgium was made more interesting by Needing To Eat. This was a major quest, in search of an open restaurant which cound take credit cards. Success was very definitely worth the wait: the best steak I think any of us have ever tasted in a long long time.

First impressions of Germany? Dark! And twisty. We went, as the song says 'the pretty way' from Aachen to Blankenheim, along wooded, twisted, foggy roads. The con committtee were about to send a search party out when we finally turned up at gone midnight.

The con was absolutely fantastic: we had a blast. We did two sets on the Saturday afternoon, between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, which were hugely appreciated, right from the start. So much so,we'd hate to have to pick out highspots, although the German version of Black Powder And Alcohol (lyrics by Rika the Bardling) went down really well.

Set 1

  • Judgement Day
  • Rhythm Of Life
  • Edge Of The Night
  • Somg Of The Fremen
  • Flamestrike
  • Superman's Sex Life Boogie
  • Fallible Legend
  • Schwartzpulver und Alcohol
  • Midnight At The Well
  • The First Ones
  • All Of Me
  • Into The Fire
  • Bang Today

Set 2

  • Turn Back The Tide
  • Tin Soldier
  • The Lady
  • Time Warp
  • Ring
  • Monster Mash
  • Mr. Spaceman
  • Black Powder and Alcohol

Additionally, we did an a capella Mr. Spaceman at the opening ceremony, helped out on Turn Back The Tide and Black Davie's Ride at Lissa and Tim's drum workshop, and reprised Judgement Day and Bang Today at the request concert before the closing ceremony.

Debut peformances of absolutely nothing, unless you count the German version of Black Powder. Aren't we boring. B-)

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