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Well, ...we're not sure, actually.The word 'aardvark' somehow replaced 'ready' as a resonse to whoever was driving Cubase asking 'everyone ready for a take', and then people started asking 'what do you call an aardvark who...?' jokes.

So, here we go:

What do you call an aardvark who: a member of the Mafia?
A well 'ardvark.
...has multiple lacerations?
A scarredvark.
...isn't very bright?
A retardvark. of dubious parentage?
A bastardvark. on the roads?
A tarredvark. attacked by a dragon?
A charredvark. captain of the Enterprise?
Jean Luc Picardvark.
...who drops a grenade at its feet?
Hoist by its own petardvark.
...likes Bruce Willis movies?
Dai Aardvark (singing 'Under the Bard Vark', of course). very butch and reads Kipling?
...just spent a weekend recording with Phoenix?
A knackardvark.

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