1st Feb 2002

We provided assistance with the production of the inlays for Martin and Andy GK's new CD release "Separate Worlds".

2nd Apr 2001

Lock away the razor blades and sleeping pills, hide the car keys, and keep the number of your local Samaritans prominently by the phone because it's Erica Neely's debut album, "Not Everybody Dies"! 15 songs and 55 minutes of suicide, heartache and mass destruction!

Well, actually that's not strictly true - it's closer to 55 and a half minutes...

But seriously folks - no it's not true. There *are* some beautiful sad songs here, but also a goodly mixture of sweet, lively and funny stuff too. And a true transatlantic production, with Erica's vocals and guitar recorded on a flying visit and her songs then left to Philip Allcock's tender mercies to do with as he wished. Which some might think foolish in the extreme, but amazingly she seems to have got away with it unharmed - well, mostly unharmed anyway...

Complete with 12 page inlay card with song notes, all lyrics, and two rare pictures of Erica in non-scanty clothing. Check our Releases page.

26th Feb 2001

You can now order some of our releases online.

12th Feb 2001

Two MP3's from "Labyrinth of Shadows" are now available from our Releases page.

Due to no fault of their own, FilkLore have had to slip their launch date for online sales to March 1.

2nd Feb 2001

We are delighted to announce a new release for NePALM Music: Lawrence Dean's "Labyrinth of Shadows" on CD. The album was recorded over the latter half of 2000, and contains a number of Lawrence's popular filk songs from all the way back to the mid-eighties till comparatively recently. Lawrence has, for a long time, steadfastly refused to record an album, and we are delighted and grateful that he finally agreed to work with us on this project. Keeping it secret wasn't that hard: we just can't wait to see people's faces!

30th Jan 2001

NE006 will be released at Conthirteena, the 13th UK filk con, and will be on sale after the opening ceremoney. Who is it? Well, that's a secret until the con, but if you check our Releases page, you can see the cover art.

We've also just received shipments from Dodeka Records and Flowinglass Music in the US, including Scott Snyder's and Steve MacDonald's latest albums, and the Black Book Band CD. We anticipate having copies of Barry and Sally Childs-Helton's new album at the convention as well, duplicators willing.

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