Mike Whitaker

The first UK filker to release a tape ('The Oak, the Rowan and the Wild Rose", now out of print), Mike is also lead guitarist with Phoenix (and was for a while lead guitarist with This Way Up).

Lawrence Dean

By contrast with Mike, Lawrence is almost the last UK filker to release an album, the secretly recorded "Labyrinth of Shadows". Lawrence was the long overdue guest at XILophone, the 11th UK filk con. He performs a mix of filk and original folk.


Phil and Lissa Allcock, Anne and Mike Whitaker and TIm and Annie Walker form this UK filk/rock band, who have been playing at cons at home and abroad for over ten years.

This Way Up

Peterborough's most exciting Christian rock band, featuring Wyndham Boxall, Malcolm Mortimore, Leo St. Mark, Paul Rawlinson and Alex Mortimore.

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