TinyMU* code archive

There's not a lot here, but most of it you won't find anywhere else.

Most of this is from my time as a wiz or coder on the now defunct Conspiracy!, or CryptMUX or ChivalryMUX, and should work under Tiny2.x as well as TinyMUX. In most/all cases, the necessary documentation is on the object's @desc. You are welcome to use this code, provided you retain credit to me on the object (and in any +help file), and contact me to tell me you are doing so (so I can keep you posted with updates, as much as anything).

Places Desc Parent with +doing
This is designed to enhance a room that already has the standard places code, by adding the place name after the player's name in the desc. Check out the Phoenix Inn on CryptMUX for a working example. [Note it requires that the MU* allows the room owner to execute hasflag(), and that if your MUX or MUSH is set up such that wizards/people who pass ZMO enter locks can see in DARK rooms, it'll be icky for them.]
Languages System
Adds +say and +speak commands to allow players to speak in foreign languages. Note that you will need to retrofit this to your MU*'s stats system.
+recc experience award system
Written for Start Your Engines, but should work on any MU* which uses a system of experience awards by player nomination.

That's all for now. There'll be more when I write it.

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