Weapons in Aliens

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M41A1 Pulse Rifle

References: FILM, BOOK, CMTH, ARPG. The main weapon used in the second film, Aliens. The manufacturers name is given as 'Armat' in CMTH. Ammunition loads are based on the film script ("Explosive-tipped standard caseless light armour piercing round"). CMTH has more details.

M41A Pulse Rifle The M41A Pulse Rifle is the standard assault rifle of the Colonial Marine Corps. The M41A is a reliable, solid, but aging 10mm light automatic weapon with an underslung 30mm pump-action grenade launcher. Standard ammunition for the rifle are 10mm caseless APS rounds. Alternative ammo loads of SAPHE rounds for soft target scenarios (eg. Bug-hunts) are also available. The grenade launcher fires standard M40 HE type grenades, but can take any of a wide-range of loads from HEDP (M38), Baton Rounds and Chemical Rounds for anti-riot operations.

All M41As come with IR laser targetting which can be linked into the Marine's passive IR scope (give +1/2 Acc to snapshots). An optional telescopic sight is available which slots onto the top and adds +2 to Acc of aimed shots, but weighs 1lb.

Weapon  Malf Type Damage  SS Acc 1/2D Max  Wt RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost TL
M41A1   V(C)  Cr  8D(2)   10  7  580  4200 11 15  95+1  10 -2  2275 8 
Grenade Crit  Var  Var    10  4   77  1100    1/2  4    12 -2
HE      Crit      5D[2D]      4   77  1100                 (M40 Red cap)
HEDP    Crit     6D(5)[2D]    4   77  1100                 (M38 Green cap)
Shot    Crit      2D-1        3    8   110                 (M108 Black cap)
Baton   Crit       D+2        4   15   220                 (M230 Yellow cap)
WP      Crit  3.4yd radius burst, 6.8yd WP fragment attack (M60 White cap)
Star    Crit  340yd radius light for 5 minutes             (M72A1 "S" on cap) 
Stock Extended            +2 +3                         -2 +1

(*)           Cr  6D(0.5)        390  2800
             Exp  +(D-4)

(*) SAPHE ammunition for bug hunts.


References: CMTH. The CMTH proposes a light support weapon as a modification of the M41A. CMTH has more details.

The M41AE2 is built on the same basis as the M41A1, but lacks the grenade launcher and has a longer, replaceable barrel with bipod and a slightly higher RoF. Optional L clip contains 300 rounds.

Weapon Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2D Max  Wt RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost TL
M41AE2 V(C)  Cr   9D(2) 10  8   890 5300 24 16   300  13  -3 2500  8 
Stock Extended          +2 +3                         -2  +1

(*)          Cr  8D(0.5)        590 3500
            Exp   +(D-4)

M56A2 Smart Gun

references: FILM, BOOK, CMTH, ARPG. Following stats are based on descriptions given in the film and in the CMTH. Stats assume that operators will be using the HUD and IR Laser sight. CMTH states weapon has 500 rounds. Simply not practical for weight purposes given V2E stats. "M56" designation not given until CMTH, otherwise known as "smart gun". ARPG lists it as "Machine Gun".

M56A2 Smart Gun 10mm automatic squad support weapon. Ammunition is 10mm caseless selectable fuse ammo (APS/SAPHE). 310 round ammo drum. 1200rpm. Mounted on an articulated operator's harness, slaved to an infrared tracking system. The breast plate that is part of the articulated weapon harness covers a small hardwired computer that runs sophisticated targetting software. The gun cannot fire itself, but adds significantly to the operator's skill when the gun is in "smart mode". The breastplate also acts as PD 3 / DR 25 light clamshell armour.

Weapon Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2D Max  Wt RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost  TL
M56A2  V(C)  Cr  11D(2) 15 15  1300 6800 39  20  310  14  -1 11200 8

(*)          Cr  9D(0.5)        890 4500 
            Exp   +(D-4)

Includes: HUD Sight, 1/2 mile thermograph, Tiny C1 hardened brain, targetting software hardwired, IR laser sight, articulated weapon harness.

Game effects: +3 skill when in smart mode but will not fire on non-IR targets. +7 on snapshots. Optionally count Malf as Crit as prone to breakdown. Will not fire on friendly IFF signals, allowing the M56 operator to "spray" an area containing friendly forces knowing that they will not be hit (heh heh).

M240A1 Incinerator Unit

references: FILM, BOOK, CMTH, ARPG. Thanks to Hal Carmer for help on this. Vehicles 2nd edition does not handle compressed gas flamethrowers. Using the 'Flamer' rules and then assuming that energy cells are simply joined together as the "charged gas canister" is one way around it. "M240" designation not given until CMTH.

FlamethrowerThe M240 is the Colonial Marine standard flamethrower. It is light, easy to handle and extremely effective at close range for clearing unsealed bunkers, vehicles and areas of rough ground. The potential for collateral damage is great enough that it's use is never considered lightly by a section commander. A Marine platoon is usually issued with 8 of these weapons, 4 to each Section. Use of the M240 in operations involving civilians is banned by the ICC.

Weapon Malf Type Damage SS Acc 1/2D Max  Wt RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost  TL
M240   crit fire  3D*   6   8   30+ 60+   6  4   80    6  0        8/9

A full fuel reservoir weighs the same as 3 C cells.
(*) Unsealed armour only counts for 1/5 DR protection. DR only counts 
once for all four bursts.
(+) It is possible to perform an indirect fire action with this weapon.
Wet Shot Technique An experienced M240 operator can 'wet' a target with fuel before ignition. This involves one round of 'unignited' spray which stores up to half of the total 'damage rolled'. This 'damage' is then added to the next round's total when ignited, with DR only counting once against this total. The round after that, the fuel from the wet shot will have settled and will have no additional damage effect if ignited.

M42A Scope Rifle. 10mm semi-automatic rifle; primarily sniping. M252 HEAP round, max eff range 2,950m. Long range stabalised ball round, max eff range 3,800m. Also can use the standard M250 smart gun ammo, max eff range 1,850m. Combined multi-spectoral 20x passive sensor scope. Visual, IR and EM emissions. Can be augmented by local sensor arrays via digital comms or direct optic cable. Motion trackers, radar, lidar and IR sensors may be linked. Optional PARGET control system can connect gun into sentry gun matrix allowing the scout/sniper to direct sentry gun firing arcs. Loaded weight 4.26 kg.

M4A3 Pistol. 9mm automatic, recoil operated, magazine fed handgun. Fully loaded weight, 0.95 kg. 12 shot magazine. 9mm ball, rimless straight round. Limited effectiveness against armour. M901 ammo, in testing, armour piercing capabilities. Some problems with terminal ballistics. Max eff range 50m. Max range 1500m.

M5 RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). 2.3 kg steel alloy tube, 140cm in length. Shoulder launched reloadable weapon. Rear backblast vent. Incorporates 4x telescopic sight. 2.2kg round, 60mm hypervelocity spin-stabalised rocket with impact fused HEAT warhead. Max eff range 400m, max range 2,000m.

M78 PIG (Phased Plasma Infantry Gun). Man-portable anti-armour weapon. Loaded weight 15.2 kg. Two parts; the gun and the power pack. The M78 is a 15mW plasma system firing vapourised Cadmium Telluride pellets from a 30 round feed. Powered by 4 mW hydrogen fuel cell. Firing cycle takes 3 seconds. Claimed to be able to punch through flank armour of a heavy tank at 1,000m.

M83A2 SADAR (Shoulder-launched Active-homing Disposable Anti-tank Rocket). Lightweight one-shot anti-armour weapon. Rocket is a fire-and-forget weapon, launcher is discarded after use. Aquires and tracks targets with IR imaging seeker. Linked with thermal sight on launcher. Shaped charge HEAT warhead. 10m backclast zone behind weapon. May be fired unguided. Guided max range 2,000m. Unguided effe range 200m. Minimum range 20m. Loaded weight 3.1 kg.

M112 HIMAT (Hypervelocity Intelligent Missile Anti-Tank). Man-portable TbrilliantU weapon range of over 5,000m. Core element is a 11.3 kg single-round disposable launcher with bipod stand and baseplate. Launcher (or launchers) are attached to an APS-100 fire controller much in the same way as the scoped rifle is attached to remote sentry and/or sensor units. Can fire autonomously, or allow itself to be commanded by terminal linked operator. Can also be used in offensive mode by connecting launcher to an SR-90 IR and motion tracker. 150m of cable.

The missile is a two-stage missile with multi-sensor seeker in the nose. Initial 1.5 second vertical burn followed by steering then final boost to upwards of Mach 4.5 before impact. HIMAT has been used successfully against low-flying aircraft, although this is not part of its design brief. A new sight, the SR-105 will replace the motion tracker with ground radar to allow targetting of bunkers and other stationary targets.

SIM-118 Hornet. Shoulder-launched SAM. Max range 10,000m. Kinetic energy missile only. No warhead. Simple, effective.

UA571-C Remote Sentry Weapons System. Automatic perimeter defence system. Loaded weight 19.6 Kg. May be assembled in under 150s. Snap-open tripod mounting, battery, gun, sensor unit and 500 round ammo drum. Microwave datalink connects sentry to remote command module. Uses M250 HEAP round. 1100rpm. Sensor array above barrel covers 60 degrees in front of gun. Cooled IR detector, ambient light optics, motion tracker and lidar. Can be set to scan for known IR or visual profile.

All CMC personnel and vehicles carry an IFF transponder in their comms gear to prevent them getting shot. IFF signal can be piped back to command console where operator decides whether to open fire. Varients of the UA5710-C includes the -D varient (20mW HF laser) and the -F varient (40mm grenade launcher.)

Mines: M760 antipersonnel mine. Delivered by artillery or aerospace.
M862 anti-armour mine. Delivered by artillery or aerospace.
Both of these mines may be de/reactivated by a coded signal.
M5A3 TboundingU mine. Infantry laid. Can be linked to sensor net.
M20 claymore mine. Internal scanners.
Classic directional and static mines available.