Mike's Guitar Collection

Well, some of it!


Custom guitar built by Richard Bartram in Ely, Cambridge in 1999/2000. Di Marzio ToneZone (bridge - and yes, I know the picture shows a Seymour Duncan: it got swapped) and Humbucker from Hell (neck), Wilkinson tremn, Schaller roller nut and locking tuners. See here for more pictures.


Tokai Les Paul Custom: seems to be quite rare, bought in 1982. Original pickups, switch knob and jackplate non-original, and it's on its third nut (original was very fine bone) and a set of gold Schaller straplocks. See here for more pictures.


Ibanez '75 Les Paul Custom: bought off eBay from someone in Austria in March 2002. Refitted with StewMac Golden Age humbuckers, a bridge from FCN and new knobs. See here for more pictures.


Squier Telecaster, serial number JV-30204, dates from 82-3. All original bar the straplocks, sounds and plays better than several examples of the real thing.


Squier HM3, originally white but has faded to ivory, bought around 1991. Original bridge, Floyd Rose replacement locking nut, bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck. Strap by Emma Chapman, a friend. I sold this to a friend in February 2002.


Steinberger Sprit headless, all original, bought in 2000. Usually the guitar I take to lessons, with a Korg Pandora 2 in the pocket of the gigbag.


Squier Affinity Strat - the best of several that I've tried by a long way. Bought in 2000, due for a set of Stewmac vintage pickups for Christmas!

Mike Whitaker
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