Behringer FCB1010 ROM Upgrade HOWTO

Behringer have released another ROM upgrade and manual for the FCB1010 (version 2.4.1B), which enables a number of extra features. Please note that this supersedes the version 2.3 upgrade available from this site. the user group list and the V-AMP list.

A summary of the extra features is available here.

The manual is available here, and contains a detailed description of how to install a new EPROM. Note that both the manual and the ROM image are also available in the Files area of the discussion list, which is a better bandwidth connection.

There are also two EPROM images, one for a 27C256 32K EPROM and one for a 27C512 64K EPROM. [Be aware that these are now Zip files, and will require WinZip or something similar to unpack them.] Your existing EPROM will be labelled with the version number. This may end either in _256 or _512 (corresponding to the 27C256 or 27C512 respectively). If it's not, you'll need to have a close look at the lettering on the EPROM itself, which should either say 27C256 or 27C512 [So far, the only one's I've had occasion to check in the UK have all been 27C256's]. You will need to acquire the appropriate EPROM and the services of someone who can burn the correct image onto it for you, or you will need to wait until you can order one from Behringer.
DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor Behringer are respnsible for any damage caused to your FCB1010 by any attempt to use the information on, or linked from, this page to burn and install your own copy of the FCB1010 EPROM. The data presented here is for information purposes only.

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