Behringer FCB1010 News

14/Jul/2003: Behringer have released a V2.4.1 upgrade ROM image which supersede the V2.3 upgrade.

8/Aug/2002: Behringer have released a V2.3 upgrade ROM image and manual which supersede the V2.2 upgrade, as well as a programming manual (as a PDF file).

5/Mar/2002: Behringer released (sent to me, in fact) a V2.2 upgrade ROM image and manual which supersede the V2.1 upgrade.

4/Mar/2002: Behringer released (as in, several customers have been sent it on request) an upgrade ROM image and manual for the FCB1010. It appears that in fact you need this upgrade to take advantage of the 'extras' mentioned below. (My apologies for any confusion caused previously.)

18/Jan/2002: Behringer have released an addendum that covers a couple of new features that were released too late to make the manual. I've extracted the details onto this site (see HOWTO section) or you can read the original PDF here. [thanks to Jos van Hoorn for spotting this]

11/Dec/2001: Behringer have promised (publicly on a firmware update to allow a 'stomp box' mode for use with the TC G-Force, as well as better support for their own V-Amp.

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