Behringer FCB1010 + Marshall JFX-1 HOWTO

The Marshall JFX-1 is a MIDI-controlled 1U delay effects unit, now (apparently) discontinued. Marshall don't provide a downloadable manual.

Continuous Controllers

By default, it doesn't respond to continuous controller messages, but this can be turned on for individual patches, each of which can have up to four continuous controllers assigned to different effect parameters. On the JFX-1, press System, then Up to get to 'MIDI', then System four times to get to the MIDI Controllers page. From there, you can set the patch's controllers 1-4 (these are NOT MIDI controller numbers) to respond to a given MIDI controller number and adjust a given effect parameter. See this page for a guide to what controller numbers to assign (it helps to stick to the standard, in the event that you switch to a different piece of gear that doesn't give you the choice!)

Different effects modes have different assignable controllers: the table on the right lists them. Note that the JFX-1 has a single external relay switched jack to control an amp channel or similar - this makes three in conjunction with the two on the FCB1010.

Tap Tempo

The delay time in the Delay and Multi-Effect patch modes can be controlled by an external MIDI controller - this allows you to use the FCB1010's 'Tap Tempo' option to do so. Note that this only works for mono delays, and also that the delay time in 'Delay' mode is too long for this option to work as perfectly as it might. Delays from a Multi-Effect mode will give you more precise control over tap tempo. Follow the procedure on pages 14/15 of the manual:
  • In 'Delay' mode, the note value you want is 127, and the upper limit of the controller is 100.
  • In 'Multi-Effect' mode, the note value you want is 74, and the upper limit 127.
Effect Type
Chorus Only Multi Tap Delay Only Reverb Only Multi-Effect
Direct Level Direct Level Direct Level Direct Level Direct Level
Effect Level Effect Level Effect Level Effect Level Effect Level
Remote Jack Remote Jack Remote Jack Remote Jack Remote Jack
Speed Delay Time Decay Time Chorus Level
Depth Feedback Delay Level
Resonance Reverb Level
Filter Delay Time
Ducking Feedback
Chorus Depth
Reverb Decay

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