Behringer FCB1010 + TC G-Force HOWTO

The G-Force is a MIDI-controlled 2U effects unit. There is a downloadable manual available here.

Tap Tempo

[thanks to William Allen for contributing this]
The easiet way to do a tap tempo function with the G-Force is to send control change messages. Unfortunately the FCB1010 won't send control value changes, just a specific value. If you try setting up the FCB1010 to send two different control values on one preset, it sends them so fast that the tempo on the G-Force is at its maximum.

There is a very convienent way to get around this since the G-Force can accept program change messages for changing the tempo and the FCB1010 sends program change messages. Just use a preset on the FCB1010 to send a program change number that you don't use on the G-Force, e.g. preset 95 on the FCB1010 sends program change 95 (a preset on the G-Force that I don't use), to change the tempo on G-Force. The G-Force has a learn function so you don't have to dial in a program change number. Just select tempo in I/O setup on the G-Force, press enter and press the preset on the FCB1010 that you want to change the tempo.

For my setup I have the FCB1010 selecting three different channels on my preamp with the FCB1010 relay switches. In order to have the FCB1010 to not change channels on my preamp when I tap in the tempo, I have to use three different presets (93, 93, and 95) on the FCB1010 to send program change 95. One for clean, one for crunch, and one for lead.

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