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Behringer FCB1010

The FCB1010 is Behringer's new footswitch/pedal controller for MIDI effects, particularly for guitarists. Currently, there seems to be very little else to match it in terms of features for the price, which is around UKP90-100.

Its features include:

  • 5 MIDI program changes per patch.
  • 2 assignable controller pedals per patch.
  • 2 relay-operated switch outputs for amp channel switching etc.
  • Built like the proverbial brick outhouse.
  • Can be programmed standing up.

User Group

There is a mailing list (on Yahoo) linked to this site for FCB1010 users, which Behringer monitor and contains a lot of useful information and some very helpful folks. Feel free to join, and also to browse the list archives on the Yahoo site.

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Latest News:

14/Jul/2003: Behringer have released a V2.4.1 upgrade ROM image which supersede the V2.3 upgrade.

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If you can contribute a HOWTO, particularly on useful settings for specific MIDI effects, or have any other information or feedback, please mail fcb1010@altrion.org.


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