I just got my neck X-rayed...

...because I'm being treated for a long-term, mild neck complaint arising (probably) from a car crash I was involved in when I was about nine years old. And since I had the X-ray images in my hands for a couple of days, I took the opportunity to scan them in.

Scanning them in wasn't easy, though, because my scanner doesn't do transparencies. In the end, I did it by lifting the lid, placing a sheet of white paper on top of the X-ray image, and shining (and moving) a hand-held bright lamp onto the paper!

Believe it or not, this really is an X-ray image of me singing! The young lady asked me to say "aaaaah" while she was taking the picture! You can just see my ears, too.
My neck vertabrae and collar bones. Gorgeous, huh?
The sexy side view.

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Last updated: 21st February 2000