Dan owns a Macintosh...

I'm pleased to announce that in early September 1999, I replaced my Apple Powermac 7200/90 with a G3 Powermac, which gives me a lot more CPU power. This is just what's needed for digital audio recording, but as it happens, it's also an ideal machine for running Adobe's new InDesign publishing software, which I bought at the same time.

It's a...

PowerMac G3 266MHz Desktop with...

internal 24x CDROM drive

4.5GB internal UltraWide SCSI hard drive (mounted vertically on the inside of the case in the PCI card cage, taking advantage of the fact that the Formac SCSI card is so short! Also needed to do some soldering to get power to the drive. This drive is my digital audio disk for use with Logic Gold.)

Formac PowerRaid card for driving the above

3.1GB internal SCSI hard drive

4GB internal IDE hard drive, one partition of which has LinuxPPC installed

Sony 15" SF2 multi-sync monitor

6MB of VRAM and

128MB of RAM

built-in Iomega Zip 100MB removable drive

Midiman Delta 44 4-in/4-out audio card

Belkin BusPort 2-port PCI USB card (needed for Logic Gold's USB dongle!)

Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 870Cxi

Microtek Phantom 330 colour flatbed scanner

Wacom PenPartner (small graphics tablet - I hardly touch the mouse any more!)

And what do I run on it?

MacOS 8.6

Emagic Logic Audio Gold 4.2.2 (industrial-strength digital audio, MIDI sequencer and music notation package). This makes my Mac the centre-piece of my home studio, replacing my clapped-out Atari ST.

Adobe InDesign 1.5 desktop publishing software. Another industrial-strength application, this one's billed as a Quark Xpress-beater. The good news for me is that it was released just when I needed something powerful, and the introductory price in the UK was very good.

Adobe PhotoShop 4.0.1 augmented with Kai's Power Tools 3.0

ClarisWorks 4.0 (word processor, spreadsheet, draw/paint, database, etc).

And sometimes, Linux. I can choose between MacOS and Linux at boot-time. I don't do much with it at the moment, but it's useful to have it handy, in case of emergencies. :)

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Last updated: 19th July 2000