Dan is a filker...

Filking is the art of writing and performing songs on subjects related to such subjects as science fiction, fantasy, science, technology, other filkers and cats. For a more detailed description, look here.

Actually, I'm one of those people who were filking long before they discovered that that's what they were doing. I've been writing songs about computers and things for several years, but it wasn't until my filking friend Paul Bristow urged me to go to Obliter-8 that I classed myself as a "filker".

Here's an incomplete list of filking events I've attended and what I did at them:

Obliter-8 (Feb '96: the 8th UK Filk Convention)
Nycons (Informal cons at the house of Zander Nyrond)
HarmonIX (Feb '97: the 9th UK Filk Convention)
Filk CONtinental (Sept '97: in Blankenheim, Germany)
Decadence (Feb '98: the 10th UK Filk Convention)
XIlophone (Feb '99: the 11th UK Filk Convention; committee member)

A Bear Peering Round A Rock

My little home studio has produced three British filk tapes so far. Read all about it.

Lavender Wine

At the end of January 1997 I produced a filk tape called Lavender Wine. Look here for more details.

Here are some of my songs:

Creation (really deep and meaningful)
Every Twelve Seconds (a sad one)
Excited State (about an electron worried by a photon)
Experts in the Field (inspired by a Croppies' web-site)
Fatal Attraction (about a new star)
Filking Fever (about ..er.. filking)
Fits and Starts (about a new mixing desk)
Lavender Wine (a Ray Bradbury filk)
A Mixican Song (another mixing desk one)
There's A Song In There Somewhere (a cheery sing-along)
Wot No Electrons? (another song about electrons)

I'm also something of a workplace filker. Here are some songs I've written for training courses, team meetings, etc.

By Jove (about a graphics product codenamed Jupiter)
Customer Data Process (inspired by an audit failure...)
Forward to Fifty (about my boss's boss's boss's business vision)
OGLing Across The Universe (about OpenGL, a computer graphics library)
Great PEXpectations (about PEXlib, another computer graphics library)
The Texture-Map Song (about a computer graphics technique)
Trufflehunter (about debugging software)
Upgrade to 10 Blues (about HP's latest version of Unix)
Way Too Many Calls (about workload in the Response Centre)

Here are some links to the home pages of some other filkers...

WiGGLe site (home page of UK filk)
Zander Nyrond
Roger Burton-West
Chris Croughton (Keris)
Anne and Tim Walker
Solomon Davidoff (Filkdom's academic)
Talis Kimberley
Erica Neely
Mary Ellen Wessels (MEW)

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