Dan is a Christian...

More specifically, I am a Christian Jew, having been born and bred in a Jewish family, and then having become a Christian when I was 17. I still regard myself as Jewish, but I don't take part in much Jewish worship, except when I go home to my parents. Going to the Jewish Passover meals (at my parents' home and at their synagogue) is one of the highlights of the year for me.

We worship at Westborough United Reformed Church in Guildford. It's a strongly evangelical, moderately charismatic fellowship. We're members of one of the church's housegroups, where we explore our Christian faith and help each other to grow spiritually.

Sara and I are the editors of the church's monthly Newsletter. I use ClarisWorks on my Mac for this.

In the past (i.e. Before Kids!) Sara and I have taken part in short-term missionary trips abroad, to

North Africa
Russia, Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan

These experiences were very mind- and spirit-broadening!

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Last updated: 14th July 1999