Dan is a computer graphics consultant...

At the beginning of January 1997, I joined Hewlett-Packard's Technical Consulting Lab as a 3D graphics specialist working with HP's 9000 Series 700 workstations (C-class, B-class and J-class) which run HP-UX, and more recently with HP's Visualize Personal Workstations running NT. My job really involves working with companies who develop software that they sell on several manufacturer's platforms; I go along and try to ensure that the version they produce for HP-UX runs better than their other versions. Or at least, that's the theory.

Right now, I'm closely involved with HP Visualize Center, a product which represents HP's first foray into the large-screen review-wall market place. Plus, I'm looking into other virtual reality technologies that might be applicable to our market strategy.

I specialise in the following products:



OpenGL (a 3D graphics API)

PEXlib (another one)

PHIGS (and another)

Starbase (and yet another)

So you see, I'm only really interested in stuff that's pretty on the screen... I haven't a clue about networks and disk arrays an' stuff!

Although I am entitled to a company car with this job, I chose to go for the "cash alternative", which means HP gives me money to run my own car. So I went and bought a second-hand Saab 900.

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Last updated: 13th July 1999