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I've been enjoying married life ever since May 6th 1989, when I married Sara, who is pictured here with our daughter Zoë, who was two months old at the time this photo was taken in early 1995.

Sara and I met at the University of Surrey when we were both students there, and since then we have stayed in Guildford. Sara is a hospital-based midwife, working in the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Here's a more up-to-date picture of Zoë Samantha Bennett. She was born on 9th December 1994, and this picture was taken when she was about four years old. She's proving to be a Very Bright young lady. She's already reading quite well - and she hasn't even started school yet!

And here's a recent picture of Harrison John Bennett, born at 4:09am on 5th June 1996. He was born at home (as planned), which was really lovely, as it went very smoothly. The best moment was when Zoë woke up in the morning and introduced her to her new brother. This picture was taken some time around his third birthday.

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