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Thanks for visiting! This is my home on the Web, where I get the chance to show my interests off to the World. Some of them might even be interesting...

Many thanks to my mate Mike for finding space for my pages on his server, and generally being a Good Egg.

This gorgeous and alluring picture of me was taken with a Hewlett-Packard 3C desktop scanner... Who needs cameras?   The stuff of nightmares, eh?

See an X-ray image of me singing!!!

Dan is...

  a computer graphics consultant working for Hewlett-Packard
      (Updated 13/7/99)

  a musician (clarinet, accordion, choral)
      (Updated 21/2/00)

A Bear Peering Round A Rock
      (Updated 9/8/99)

a filker (a what?)
      (Updated 14/2/00)

  a Throat-singer
      (Updated 13/7/99)

  a husband and daddy
      (Updated 9/8/99)

  a Christian
      (Updated 14/7/99)

  a Macintosh owner
      (Updated 19/07/00)

  a Psion owner
      (Updated 10/8/99)

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